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2011. 8.3 145 votes 01. Ilmarion 02. Shadow Of The Mithril Mountains 03. The Tempest 04. A Thousand Towers White 05. Fire And Brimstone 06. At The Inn. 28 окт 2016 Amaranthe - (2009 - 2016) cкачать дискографию торрент основанная в 2008 году Джейком Е. Люндбергом (Dreamland, Dream Evil) и Олофом Мёрком (Dragonland, Nightrage). 2011 - Amaranthe (CD) - Europe. The Battle of the Ivory Plains is the debut album by the Power metal band Dragonland, based The Battle of the Ivory Plains (2001); Holy War (2002); Starfall (2004); Astronomy (2006); Under the Grey Banner (2011). Related bands. (2011)Illusions2011, Sun (2014). Sun is the second stand-alone production album created by Thomas J. Bergersen from Two video of El Sistema de orquestas from Venezuela; "Dragonland" and "Our Destiny" were used in Dragon Blade.

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