Model pack metal shop для line6 live xt торрент, конвертер фильмов для ipad торрент

Models based on : Bogner '02 Uberschall. FEATURES. MOVIES . Metal Shop today. Metal Shop is compatible with these Line 6 products: . PODxt Live · PODxt Pro . Triple Pack: get three model packs for the price of two! Metal Model packs are software add-ons that dramatically expand the amp and effect model sets in your POD Studio™ interface, POD® xt, PODxt Live, PODxt Pro. Yeah, i was wondering the same thing. i'd say its well worth it tho, all the metal tones i've got, not one of them is not on an amp from metal shop.

Get Metal Shop, Collector Classics and FX Junkie model packs together for one special price! Offer code: . FX Junkie (included on the Pod XT Live) . Q: Does Line 6 offer a trade-in program You could for instance buy a GuitarPort, add the Metal Shop Model Pack to it, . giving full feature comatibility with PODxt Live, another update to Line 6 Monkey

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